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Look, I know how hard it is to get your stuff recorded as an independent artist or songwriter. There’s so much that goes into finding the right studio, the right price, the right players, the right producer, and at times, although exciting, the task itself can be a bit daunting.

First of all, and most difficult of all, FINANCES. Demos are expensive! First you have to pay the studio fee, then the engineering fee, the producer, then the standard going rate for the musicians, then pay for more studio time to do vocals, then a demo singer, then mixing, then mastering… Before you know it, you’re spending over $1k. And if you’re unsigned, or without a proper demo budget, that just isn’t doable. So most people in that situation (myself included) normally would decide to forego a killer demo so that they could afford rent that month. I get it. I’ve been there, y’all.

Another difficult aspect is finding the right studio. Unless you're an artist signed with a major recording label, recording your songs at studios like RCA, Blackbird, or Ocean Way are both unnecessary and financially unrealistic. Does it make sense to spend thousands of dollars per side to record song demos for pitching if you're a songwriter? Or can you afford to spend 10 times that amount for an album project if you're an independent artist? For most songwriters and independent artists the answer is no. I know I can't! So, you go to a demo mill where they will charge you way too much money, and on top of that, they don’t put any creativity, thought, or care into your project. Their goal is to get as many songs recorded as possible, as quickly as possible, get paid, and get out. So often, I hear of people who walk away from these studios so disappointed, because they spent so much money for a song that sounds exactly like everything else out there, and nothing like what they had pictured in their head. There’s no heart. The picture isn’t painted. It’s just a dated, run of the mill demo, that they wish they wouldn’t have wasted their money on.


Now, being an artist and songwriter myself for the past 15 years, I have had many experiences like the ones stated above. So many, in fact, that I learned how to produce so that I wouldn’t have to deal with the nonsense anymore. So when I created Breelo Music in 2015, I knew I wanted my studio to be different. I wanted to be the first to really, truly CARE about creating a musical picture that was exactly what the client had envisioned when the song was written. I wanted to be so hands on with it, that every part, every piece, every instrument, was created one by one, through trial and error, until everything came together like a perfect masterpiece. I wanted to create a space that was full of energy, vibe, and atmosphere, so that it didn’t feel like another stale studio building. I wanted it to be a studio that you never wanted to leave. I also, more than anything, wanted to make it affordable for people like me. Striving, passionate, dedicated musicians who wanted a kick-ass demo on a small budget. So I did just that.

There are no hidden fees here. No undisclosed up-charges. We don’t charge per hour, per day.. We charge per completed song. Essentially everything included.* We get it how you want it. We take our time. We want this to feel as hands-on and personal as a demo studio can get. Lastly, we know that this is YOUR music. I am simply here to bring it to life, to create it EXACTLY how you had envisioned. And I can’t wait to show you just how we do that here at Breelo Music.

-Briana Tyson 


The amount of joy I get hearing my stuff come to life, and from someone with so much talent, is honestly something I don’t know how to describe.
— John Wetz, Breelo Music Client

What We've Achieved

  • Taken away the nickel and dime mindset when it comes to production.

  • Harnessed unique creativity that is untouchable elsewhere.

  • Created a platform that favors the writer and artist in all aspects.

  • Built this business from a bedroom to a music row studio building.

  • Created meaningful connections and friendships with clients.

  • Had songs we produced pitched to major artists all around Nashville.

  • Produced singles that have been heard on the radio all across the US.

  • Challenged the Nashville way to create something new and unique.